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Chuck Palahniuk

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  1. Dear Small Dull Pebble (apologies for an impersonal address),

    Right now, my short story is a single plankton in an ocean of sharp toothed books, but I am hoping that once you and your peers review it, it would amass to much more than that.

    My name is Vanya Ferreira and I am a new author hoping to make a long, productive career out of writing. My short story - "The Story of Lucius Cane" (the first in the series of three) - was published on Amazon a month ago. It belongs to the dark fantasy genre and it has approximately 7,000 words.

    Here is the synopsis:

    London, 1794. Lucius Cane, a peculiar vampire, comes upon an opponent the likes of which he has never seen before - a brute with remarkable abilities. But not all is as it seems as their encounter unfolds in a manner that neither of them expected.

    If requested, I can provide the MOBI, ePUB or PDF copy of the story.

    Hoping that it will spark your interest and that is review worthy....

    Thank you very much in advance.



    P.S. The picture associated with this message is not mine but my girlfriend's. I am certified male. :-)